Rhythm Rising

The sound of Rhythm Rising's original music has been described as a fusion of Funk, Blues & World music, with a strong social message and an international appeal. "Music to lift peoples spirits, to dance, enjoy and to help you forget your troubles". "Rhythm Rising bringing the emotion and soul tonight, loving it" Creature Sound, Swansea. The lyrics of the band's songs reflect the hopes, and aspirations of ordinary people for improving and celebrating all our lives. Rhythm Rising believe that music has an important role to play in building a more equal world and a movement for justice, fairness and well being, now and for future generations.

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Listen to: 'The Meaning of Money'

Recordings from the bands last album

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In 2020 Steve Laffy drummer, songwriter and founding member of Rhythm Rsiing moved to South Wales to set up a music studio, write and record new music and to reform the band. Wales being known as the 'Land of Song' has a long and proud tradition of music and bands, with interest, respect and appreciation for music and a healthy live music community across the whole country.

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