Rhythm Rising

Thanks to the others who contributed to Rhythm Rising over the years: Seddik Zebiri, Tom Fox, Mick Bailey, John Gavin, Becca Percival, Bernie Brodine, Shaz, Eddie Masters, Andy Mitchell, John O'Reilly, Nick Payne, Frank Mead, Janos Bajtala, Pete Stroud, Heidi McCaffrey, Alex Demahoski, Steve Henwood, Barry Black, TJ Johnson and many more, thanks to you all.

In 2015 Steve moved to Rugby and then on to Bristol reforming the band under the name of Jama,

recording a new album 'Change Your World' and continuing gigs in the UK and Europe.

Steve at 'Dovers'







Rhythm Rising, take up residency at The Dover Street Wine Bar In London's Mayfair, adding Ray Uren on Guitar and Poli Palmer on vibes.

The line up of Rhythm Rising has included many wonderful musicians and singers over the years and the sound has changed and developed as people bought their influence and styles to the band's material and direction. Along with our residency at Dover Street the band played many functions at top hotels and venues for London's well known music booking agent Larry Pryce.